Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

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As a Digital Marketing Specialist for Whiteboard, you will first and foremost have customer service front of mind, prioritizing our clients and their needs over your preferences. You will assist in the execution and management of all the various aspects of marketing campaigns across multiple digital marketing channels. You’ll write and edit copy, you’ll design and build email campaigns, you’ll launch and manage paid media, and much more.

Reporting to the Director of Performance Marketing, you will make sure that every step in a campaign is cohesive with the next, you will ensure we are driving the appropriate metrics and conversions, that our clients goals remain top of mind with other teammates, and that in everything we do we are driving top-line revenue and moving their missions forward.


Whiteboard’s HQ is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee with co-working locations in Atlanta and Nashville. We are a remote-work friendly environment. We value community and our work culture so making time to visit HQ, co-working locations and attending team events is encouraged. This role will also be highly collaborative with the Digital Marketing director and other designers on our team so working environments that make for easy collaboration will also be beneficial.


  • You'll write compelling copy for various brands, audiences, and campaigns
  • You’ll edit marketing copy to be quippy and clear
  • You’ll edit microsite campaigns, landing pages, and ad creative
  • You’ll build and launch new websites and landing pages alongside the Whiteboard web team or using various tools
  • You’ll craft beautiful emails for various campaigns
  • You’ll create and send email marketing campaigns for large and small organizations and objectives
  • You’ll develop, plan, and create content for various brands and channels
  • You’ll automate systems that bring in results and create less work for us and our clients
  • You’ll think strategically for our clients and discover new marketing opportunities
  • You’ll devise and run various tests to increase engagement, improve key metrics, optimize for higher conversions, and drive revenue
  • You’ll implement conversion tracking across various websites and platforms to measure results and return
  • You’ll implement and manage various PPC campaigns across multiple channels and maintain a target ROAS or cost per result

  • 2-3 years experience building websites, landing pages, and stores using WordPress, Webflow, Shopify or other equivalents
  • 2-3 years experience running email campaigns using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, InfusionSoft, Drip, MailChimp or equivalents
  • 2-3 years experience using various Google Analytics and various other web analytics tools, interpreting results, running tests, and creating reports to communicate findings, insights, and results
  • 1-2 years experience executing and managing paid media campaigns on Google (SEM) and Facebook
  • 1-2 years experience in web design and other graphic design using Adobe suite, Sketch, Invision, or other equivalents
  • Basic or Intermediate Front-end Web Development proficiency; other programming knowledge is a plus
  • Technology agnostic; you can use many various CMS and third-party apps to get work done
  • Diverse portfolio of marketing campaign examples you have developed or lead
  • Ability to adapt copy tone of voice to align with various audiences
  • Incredible attention to detail and ability to focus on multiple things concurrently
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in the same week
  • Exceptional interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills both for client communication and team communication
  • A desire to work for redemptive brands and causes
  • You gotta have a sense of humor

  • Previous agency experience


You’re an expert generalist.
You’re experienced in multiple things and don’t feel attached to your tools, you’ll learn what’s needed for the job or task, but you can go deep into a thing when you need to.

You love learning and self-teaching.
When faced with something you don’t understand— you’ll Google it and read a reputable article or watch a video on YouTube before you ask someone how to do a thing.

You're a great writer, but an even better editor.
You can self-edit your work and trim all the fat until what’s left is all that is needed.

You can edit someone else’s work and polish it up.
You’re not afraid to edit someone’s else work or provide clear, courteous, honest feedback.

You sweat the small stuff.
You're always watching for typos, and keeping an eye out for the details that others miss. You get that the last 10% of a campaign is what can make all the difference.

You’re analytical and creative.
You’re not scared to get deep into a spreadsheet or Google Analytics, but you also have an eye for design.

You’re self-organizing.
You manage your own time and work effectively and efficiently. You’re not the type to wait for a project manager to tell when you’re over-budget or at a deadline.

You can express your opinion confidently.
You’re not scared to speak up when you disagree, or when you think something needs improvement, and you do it with confidence and respect for others.

You're a self-starter.
You understand when you already have permission.. You see something broken, and you fix it. You see how to improve something, and you make it happen.

You're a team player.
You don’t care who has the idea, as long as it’s good. You care more about the end result than about personal recognition.

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Get started. Reach out.

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