Senior Strategist, CMS

Senior Strategist, CMS

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The CMS Senior Strategist is involved in defining a project’s communication and web strategy, platform architecture, user experience, and authoring experience. You’ll be an advocate for excellence in outcomes for the project regarding platform strategy as it relates to design, development, and the goals of the project and budget.

You will lead the clients and team in good thinking, best practices for web, and provide guidance on platform stewardship beyond launch. You'll conduct kick off discoveries, facilitate workshops, and present your work as it relates to creating alignment with the client and team around a project’s strategic direction. In addition to guiding clients through the strategy of their project, you’ll also operate as a consultant and work to support other strategists through their work.

Reporting to the VP of Technology and Platforms, you will make sure that every CMS project is built on a strong strategic foundation for the client, the team, and most importantly the end users. You’ll take part in seeing that in everything we do, we are driving towards their goals or providing a product that meets their needs.

The Senior Strategist will report directly to Luke Golden, VP of Technology and Platforms.


Whiteboard’s HQ is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee with co-working locations in Atlanta and Nashville. We are a remote-work friendly environment. We value community and our work culture so making time to visit HQ, co-working locations and attending team events is encouraged. This role will also be highly collaborative with the Digital Marketing director and other designers on our team so working environments that make for easy collaboration will also be beneficial.


  • As a Senior Strategist on the CMS team, you will:
  • Lead and co-lead client calls alongside the team
  • Define and manage feature planning for websites and campaigns to realize business goals and strategies
  • Help define the core product vision, goals, functionality and requirements for each project our team stewards
  • Help prioritize development activities with engineering teams
  • Develop logical and innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Conduct audience and competitor analysis
  • Create site maps and design information architecture
  • Run platform audits with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Semrush
  • Craft and outline user experience, wireframes, and journey flows
  • Write compelling communication design and web copy
  • Develop, plan, and create content
  • Present your work to clients and team members via slide decks
  • Advise on the use of sound outreach strategies like email and social media
  • Think strategically on behalf of our clients and discover platform opportunities
  • Implement web tracking tools to measure results
  • Support the team throughout the project as a key contributor and context holder
  • Ensure handovers between disciplines are understood strategically and built within the project requirements.
  • Coordinate with other team members in articulating the need, assigning deliverables, and providing internal feedback.
  • Proactively and effectively communicate and collaborate with external and internal stakeholders
  • Assist the Director and other Senior team members in training and mentoring new employees and Understudies

  • 2-3 years experience planning websites, landing pages, and other marketing-related platforms using WordPress, Webflow, Shopify or other equivalents
  • 2-3 years experience using various Google Analytics and various other web analytics tools, interpreting results, running tests, and creating reports to communicate findings, insights, and results
  • Familiarity with Web Design and Development best practices
  • Technology agnostic; the ability to use various CMS and third-party apps to get work done
  • Ability to adapt copy tone of voice to align with various audiences
  • Incredible attention to detail and ability to prioritize and focus on multiple projects concurrently
  • Exceptional interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills both for client communication and team communication
  • A desire to work for redemptive brands and causes
  • Deep curiosity & hunger to learn
  • Strong creative thinking, problem solving & collaboration
  • Strong time management
  • You gotta have a sense of humor


You’re an expert generalist.
You’re experienced in multiple things and don’t feel attached to your tools, you’ll learn what’s needed for the job or task, but you can go deep into a thing when you need to.

You love learning and self-teaching.
When faced with something you don’t understand— you’ll Google it and read a reputable article or watch a video on YouTube before you ask someone how to do a thing.

You're a great writer, but an even better editor.
You can self-edit your work and trim all the fat until what’s left is all that is needed.

You can edit someone else’s work and polish it up.
You’re not afraid to edit someone’s else work or provide clear, courteous, honest feedback.

You sweat the small stuff.
You're always watching for typos, and keeping an eye out for the details that others miss. You get that the last 10% of a campaign is what can make all the difference.

You’re analytical and creative.
You’re not scared to get deep into a spreadsheet or Google Analytics, but you also have an eye for design.

You’re self-organizing.
You manage your own time and work effectively and efficiently. You’re not the type to wait for a project manager to tell when you’re over-budget or at a deadline.

You can express your opinion confidently.
You’re not scared to speak up when you disagree, or when you think something needs improvement, and you do it with confidence and respect for others.

You're a self-starter.
You understand when you already have permission.. You see something broken, and you fix it. You see how to improve something, and you make it happen.

You're a team player.
You don’t care who has the idea, as long as it’s good. You care more about the end result than about personal recognition.

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