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One is a banking service that approaches money management differently. Your account is equipped equipped with "Pockets" for saving and spending. You can create new pockets to budget your money before you spend it and you can share pockets with others. Their innovative approach won them a NerdWallet award for Best Banks of 2022.

One is a start up that's growing incredibly quickly. But, they were saddled with a marketing website that made it difficult to add new pages or even make small changes like adding a button. Their marketing team asked us if we could help them migrate their site to Webflow so that they could better maintain the website and adapt it as One continues to grow.

First, we completed a one-to-one migration of the current site. We brought over all of the existing landing pages and blogs and used redirects to make sure that all of their ad campaigns would continue to link to active pages.

Next, we worked alongside their marketing team to design a new version of the website. They had recently updated the brand with a fresh new system of colors and typography. But, the website still had all of the old styles. Their team set the creative direction and designed two key pages. Then, our team took over and designed the rest of the site.

As a final step, we developed the new version of the site using our proprietary framework. Everything from naming conventions to how we organize images in the project was thoughtfully considered to make sure their team could take over the site, understand how it's built, make changes, and keep it updated.

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