Future Opportunities

Future Opportunities

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Full-time, Part-time, Contractors

We are always looking to add makers, thinkers, leaders and doers to our team. If you want to join your skills with ours, we’d love to meet you. Open to Remote, Full-time, Part-time, and Contractors. Chattanooga, TN preferred.


Qualities we're looking for at Whiteboard

You’re an expert generalist.

You’re experienced in multiple things and don’t feel attached to your tools, you’ll learn what’s needed for the job or task, but you can go deep into a thing when you need to.

You love learning and self-teaching.

When faced with something you don’t understand— you’ll Google it and read a reputable article or watch a video on YouTube before you ask someone how to do a thing.

You can edit someone else’s work and polish it up.

You’re not afraid to edit someone else’s work or provide clear, courteous, honest feedback to arrive at the best final result.

You sweat the small stuff.

You're always watching for typos, and keeping an eye out for the details that others miss. You get that the last 10% of a project is what can make all the difference and you don’t ship work that is incomplete or unpolished.

You’re analytical and creative.

You’re an engineer at heart and love building things that are functional and scalable, but you also want to build something beautiful and engaging that people enjoy spending time with.

You’re self-organizing.

You manage your own time and work effectively and efficiently. You’re not the type to wait for a project manager to tell when you’re over-budget or at a deadline.

You can express your opinion confidently.

You’re not scared to speak up when you disagree, or when you think something needs improvement, and you do it with confidence and respect for others.

You're a self-starter.

You understand when you already have permission— you see something is broken, and you fix it. You see how to improve something, and you make it happen.

You're a team player.

You don’t care who has the idea, as long as it’s what is needed. You care more about the end result than about personal recognition.

Company Values


We take responsibility for the well-being of our customers and the success of their missions. We value self-regulation and productivity; understanding that there are victories and consequences reliant on our behavior and work ethic. We uphold a high degree of accountability.


We understand that we are a small piece of a puzzle that is much larger than ourselves. We seek to understand and in turn invest our gifts and skills towards greater callings. We desire to share our time, resources, and talents to pursue acts of righteousness and justice.


We share a deep sense of conviction in the efforts and pursuit of redemptive work. We inherently value leaders that believe in mending the broken pieces of our world, and we, without grievance, are committed to seeing restoration come.

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Get started. Reach out.
Get started. Reach out.

If you think that you would be a good fit at our company and culture, we would love to hear from you. Even if you do not have all the qualifications but think you could be an asset to our company please send us your resume and apply at the link above. For questions, please reach out to Candace: candace@whiteboard.is