A Retrospective on 2022 (So Far)

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Our team’s work not only inspires us to stay on mission, but to keep growing–both–in the missions we serve alongside and in the crafts we utilize to fulfill them.

Eric Brown
Co-Founder & CVO, Whiteboard

July 17, 2022

Our mission is to empower visionaries to lead meaningful brands, and leverage the internet for good. Halfway through each year, we pause and reflect on the work that’s been done and how it lines up with our mission.

One thing is certain: the internet remains in a peculiar place.

We read the headlines. We see what goes viral. We observe the vitriol. In a few seconds, the internet can provide joy and empower collective action. In another second, the internet spurs anxiety and hopelessness.

Our team at Whiteboard serves alongside visionaries who bring courage and stamina to bear on the most complex problems of our times. In many ways this work is very one-to-one—working alongside small teams, exploring ways to leverage creativity and technology to accomplish their mission.

The outcomes of our work are multifaceted: lead generation for B2B companies, pre-orders for a first-of-its-kind product, the brand manifesto for a new campaign, a design system for an international non-profit, performance marketing for a company living in the Metaverse, a pitch deck for a zero-to-one business, or even helping a leadership team navigate missional outcomes amid internal bureaucracy. Throughout, we remain committed to two big ideas:

1. We create invitations to keep exploring, pioneering, and contributing meaningful artifacts, rather than meaningless noise and distraction.

2. We design and build platforms that aspire to foster good conversations, participation, and outcomes that make our world a better place, rather than exploiting practices that end in a digital abyss.

So far this year, we’ve served over 72 clients across our identity, platform, and activation studios. Some of these missions include: 

  • Spreading great ideas. 
  • Transforming the way people live, work, and travel. 
  • Democratizing access to language immersion experiences and cultivating the world's largest community of fluent, global citizens.
  • Building fairer markets. 
  • Helping us live life, uninterrupted. 
  • Actualizing free and equal societies.
  • Improving the financial well-being of hard working Americans.
  • Ending the exploitative practice of non-compete agreements. 
  • Improving access to and support for private infant adoption. 
  • Advancing redemptive entrepreneurship.

Our team’s work not only inspires us to stay on mission, but to keep growing–both–in the missions we serve alongside and in the crafts we utilize to fulfill them.

Here’s some (not all) of the work we’ve made so far this year:


With their secure identity platform, Clear aims to transform the way people live, work, and travel. Our team had the opportunity to lead a design audit for Clear's digital experience, create a new design component library for their internal marketing teams to implement, and build it all in Webflow.


Immerse exists to democratize access to language immersion experiences and cultivate the world's largest community of fluent, global citizens. Immerse recently partnered with Meta to launch the first educational virtual world on Meta's app store. Our team has had the honor to partner with the Immerse team in a variety of ways, such as, refreshing their identity, designing and building their new digital experience, and executing a variety of digital marketing strategies.

TED Conferences*

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. TED's mission is to spread ideas and there's no better place to experience this work than their flagship conference that takes place annually in Vancouver, Canada. Our team had the opportunity to design and develop TED's new conference website that showcases all the themes and details for their upcoming events.

TED Countdown*

TED Countdown is exists to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. Our team is working with the TED team to reimagine this digital experience.

The Audacious Project*

Housed at TED, The Audacious Project is a funding initiative that encourages the world’s greatest changemakers to dream bigger. They shape their ideas into viable multi-year plans and launch them to the world alongside visionary philanthropists. Whiteboard had the honor of design and developing The Audacious Project new website.


Smartphones are amazing, but really, really hard to put down. Aro makes that a little easier by giving your phone a smart box home and a companion app to track and celebrate the time you spend unplugged. Our team had the opportunity to name the brand, create the identity, design and build the digital experience (which won Site of the Day on Awwwards), and more.


Get2College is a college access program of the Woodward Hines Education Foundation. Their team helps Mississippi students plan, prepare, and pay for college. Our team had the honor of bringing their new digital experience to life.

Greenhouse by NCR*

Powered by NCR’s proprietary data, Greenhouse provides a new level of insight into future trends, opportunities for innovation, and unique perspectives to advance your business. Our team had the opportunity to bring this digital publication to life. Huge kudos to Maze who helped with the brand and Fern who created the illustrations for the website. See it in action

End Non-Competes*

End Non-Competes is a coalition of committed companies who are finally ending the exploitative practice of non-competes. Our team had the opportunity to brand the campaign and launch the digital experience for it. Shoutout to our friends at RVRB for putting together the manifesto and roundtable films.


Charityvest's giving accounts separate your giving journey into simple steps, making it simple to purposefully give $100 or $100M—right away, or over a lifetime. Our team continues to serve Charityvest in a variety of ways, such as designing a new website, navigating digital marketing strategy, creating social media assets, and more.


ONE aims to make your financial well-being their goal. ONE was created to support your unique life. Stress less about money so you can focus on what matters most. Our team had the opportunity to redesign ONE's website.


IEX (Investors Exchange) is a stock exchange based in the United States. It was founded in 2012 in order to mitigate the effects of high-frequency trading. IEX was launched as a national securities exchange in September 2016. More coming soon. 😊

Tennessee Aquarium

Over 26 million people have visited the renowned Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee (where our headquarters is located). One of our greatest honors is to serve the Tennessee Aquarium in their digital initiatives.


Measure performance, grow your people, and win at culture with the first-ever employment score. Build your business with the new gold standard in people development. From the brand, to the website, to the product design and implementation—our team can't wait to share more about Gage.

Praxis ORI*

What will the creative action of Christians be? Praxis works to frame issues and identifies areas where redemptive entrepreneurs can build a more beautiful and just world. Our team had the opportunity to work alongside our friends at Praxis and Fivestone to bring this digital experience to life in time for Praxis's annual Redemptive Imagination Summit. We can't wait to see how this digital publication continues to evolve.


Community is the SMS marketing platform that connects businesses, brands, political and public figures, creators, musicians, celebrities, and more, to their audiences at scale. Our team had the opportunity to support Community's internal marketing team by designing components for their design systems.

Gifts For Good

Gifts for Good is a woman-owned business and Certified B Corporation dedicated to empowering the world to help people and the planet through gift giving. They envision a world where every gift purchased gives back. Their gifts have supported the work of over 60 nonprofits and social enterprises in 50 states and 72 countries around the globe--in Africa, Europe, Oceania, and The Americas. Our team had the opportunity to serve Gifts for Good in the creation of their new website and supporting their GiftForward app.


Linq makes it easy to share fully customized profiles containing links, photos, contact information, and more—straight to someone's phone or inbox. Our team had the opportunity to reimagine Linq's homepage and Linq for Teams page.


As one of the very first U.S. made luxury candle lines, Votivo passionately pursues excellence in the art of home fragrances. Our team had the honor of bringing Votivo's new digital experience to life.


Sawyer set the new standard for water filtration when they introduced hollow fiber membranes to the outdoor industry over a decade ago. Their line of innovative products offer solutions for any situations, from the backcountry to the remotest corners of the world. Our team had the honor of serving alongside This Is Worthwhile and the Sawyer team to bring this digital experience to life.

OX for Good*

OX for Good is a strategic creative agency, partnering with select clients worldwide. We love collaborating with fellow agencies, especially ones that work to bring more good in the world. Designed by the OX team and developed by us:

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga*

Together with their community and partners, Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga transforms generosity into lasting change toward a prosperous and just Chattanooga where all can thrive and achieve their full potential. It was pure joy bringing this digital experience to life.

Compassion Moments*

More than 2.2 million children are sponsored in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program. Compassion Moments is a photo-sharing app that gives frontline church partner staff the ability to easily provide sponsors with a view into the daily lives of Compassion children. Our team had the opportunity to bring this digital experience to life.

ACV Auctions*

ACV Auction's is on a mission to fundamentally change the wholesale automotive industry, by providing a level of trust and transparency that was once unimaginable. Our team continues to served the ACV Auctions team by reimagining their digital home.


Pandowealth exists to serve Chick-fil-A Operators and Support Center Staff by offering custom financial and retirement services. From Pandowealth's name, brand, and digital experience—we love serving their team.

I Am That Kid*

I Am That Kid is a platform amplifying the life-changing stories of incredible people who were adopted as kids. Our team had the opportunity to brand I Am That Kid and build their MVP website. So many more stories to come.

Faith & Liberty Discovery Center

The Faith & Liberty Discovery Center is the newest interactive and immersive experience, located on Independence Mall. It's mixed-media exhibits have been hand-crafted in collaboration with Local Projects, a world leader in exhibit design. Our team had the opportunity to reimagine Faith & Liberty Discovery Center's digital experience from the ground-up.

Core Ventures*

Core Ventures is a recruiting firm based in Denver, Colorado. For over a decade, they've helped companies find great people who fit and enhance their business. Our team had the opportunity to reimagine Core Ventures website.

Youth For Christ USA (YFC)

At thousands of community centers, schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops, and local hangouts, YFC staff and volunteers meet with kids to mentor and support them in this vulnerable life-stage. Over the years, our team has served YFC USA by designing their identity and serving a variety of organizational needs, but most recently, our team reimagined the digital experience for both their national platform and local chapters.


Skuid is on a mission to humanize enterprise software. They believe there is a better way for operational leaders to drive high-performance impact--delivering business agility with applications that people love to use. Our team continues to support Skuid in a variety of design and digital needs.

Junto Law*

Junto Law provides counsel for the next generation of leaders as they fund, grow, and sell their business. Our team had the opportunity to brand and create the digital experience for Junto Law.


Echelon Fitness has been revolutionizing at-home connected fitness since 2017. What began as a mission to make healthy living accessible to all evolved into a variety of connected fitness equipment, thousands of live and on-demand classes and a thriving, global community. Our team had the opportunity to serve Echelon's commercial side of the business and create a new digital experience for it.*

Introducing cloudSwXtch - a virtual overlay network that lets you add bare-metal features and performance to your cloud or edge applications with the touch of a button, without code changes. Our team had the opportunity to reimagine Swxtch's identity (huge kudos to The Studio Temporary) and reimagine their website.


*Made In Webflow
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