Better Before Bigger — A Retrospective on 2023

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December 19, 2023

In September 2022, Whiteboard President Josh Huggins shared a quote from Truett Cathy amid an intense season of Chick-fil-A’s growth. Truett said: “"If we get better our customers will demand we get bigger."

Our friends at WinShape Teams sum it up this way: “Truett’s quote is a very simple statement; but the truth of it is often lost in the drive to grow our organizations. We must focus on getting better, not bigger; the former will inevitably lead to the latter. When faced with decisions, a truly wise leader will not lose sight of this simple, yet profound truth.”

Josh sparked several strategic objectives for us that I’m excited to report on:

  • In 2023, Whiteboard served 120 clients across our brand, web, and growth studios spanning from Fortune 500s, global non-profits, scrappy startups, and individuals willing to take a risk on their idea to build a brighter future.
  • Completed strategic acquisitions that bolster our mission to empower visionaries to build a brighter future. We acquired Widgets & Stone to further strengthen our brand services and a New York-based brand and strategy firm (closing soon) we’ll announce in January 2024.
  • Launched a Support as a Service team to help clients with ongoing platform maintenance and development enhancements
  • Executed end-to-end digital marketing campaigns for more than 12 organizations
  • Launched a product to help brands build internal culture and strengthen employer value proposition (more on this in Q1 2024).
  • Expanded technology partnerships like our Webflow Enterprise Partner status, serving on Mailchimp’s Customer Advisory Board, and more
  • Maintained a 96% Employee Satisfaction Rating with retention at 3-4x industry norms. We’re really proud of this and continue to work on ways our team can thrive in their work.

Expressions of this work include: family-owned hospitality groups, pioneering solutions to end homelessness, reinvigorating faith in the next generation, identity verification, stock exchanges, real estate portfolios, schools, charitable foundations, preventing teenage suicide, land identity, campaigns to free the world from poverty, a very famous underground waterfall, and so much more.

Here’s some (not all) of the work we’ve made so far this year:

Pursell Farms*

Pursell Farms is an outdoor leisure resort located in just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. At Pursell Farms, there are special memories to be made for every leisure getaway, company retreat, and wedding. It's been pure joy for our Web Studio to reimagine Pursell Farms digital home:

New Story*

Housing impacts every aspect of our well-being: health, education, income, economies, gender equity, and so much more. But right now, more than 1.6 billion people live without adequate housing. We’re in a global housing crisis — and it’s keeping millions of families from reaching their full potential.  The scale of the housing crisis is too big to depend on traditional solutions like giving away homes to families. So, they don’t. New Story partners with the market to unlock the opportunities families need to access the adequate housing solutions they want. Families are no longer beneficiaries — they’re participants. One of the highlights of our year was partnering with New Story to reimagine their digital home:


Intellicheck is an identity validation company on a mission to deliver the best identity validation solution possible. Their unique approach is highly effective, detecting fake IDs 99.9% of the time. Our Brand, Web, and Growth Studios are serving Intellicheck's team in a variety of ways and channels. Here's a sneak peek at some work that will be rolling out early in the new year.

Happy Valley Farms

There's only one way to improve 192 acres: bring more people together to enjoy it. Happy Valley Farms will relaunch in 2024 and its pure joy being part of the rebrand and relaunch of this gorgeous property.

Amber Grace

Amber Grace is building a heaven-inspired community, thoughtfully tailored for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A place for those who need a little support to embrace all that life has to offer. A place that bears safety, opportunity, love and a sense of belonging. Where purpose is found, relationships are cultivated and everyone is a Neighbor, building a life of interdependence, forged in service to others. We've absolutely loved creating the brand and digital home for Amber Grace.

City In A Park

“City in a Park” is the visibility initiative of Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors. Crafted to promote the City's offerings and to stimulate public engagement, the campaign highlights  impressive educational, recreational, and cultural resources and activities (not to mention the staggering volume of beautiful natural spaces) available to Chattanoogans. With its unique integration of built and natural spaces, Chattanooga boasts unrivaled accessibility to some of Tennessee's most beautiful parks and exciting outdoor resources. It's truly a city in a park.

Designer Mark Walter worked closely with consultants and the Parks & Outdoors Department to create a dynamic and flexible design system to communicate the theme.

Chattanooga Football Club | Kits

In celebration of Chattanooga Football Club’s fifteenth season, our team created the new kits utilizing design elements that had not been used in the past. A mix of solids, sashes and hoops are highlighted by color and by touches of metallics — either silver or gold. The primary jersey and alternate goalkeeper jersey shine with metallic gold touches; the secondary kit is understated in silver, and its hairline hoops match the black keeper; the women’s primary, the primary keeper and the 2023 owner’s jersey all have versions of a dynamic sash.

Good Paper

A sneak peek at a brand refresh for our friends at Good Paper, a card company on a mission to restore the human spirit. Their cardmakers are women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. We can't wait to see the new brand and website take flight in 2024! 

Via Curato

Via Curato helps others enjoy unique and transformative travel experiences around the world. We loved creating this brand.

Grayton Beer Co.

Our Brand Studio continues to make some rad things for Grayton Beer Co.

Raposa Coffee Co.

We had the opportunity to contribute to this playful brand, designing the logotype, packaging concepts, type system and color palette.


International Flooring Co. is launching Canopy, the next great brand in flooring innovation. Our Brand Studio had the opportunity to design Canopy's logo, type system, packaging concepts, and more. We can't wait to see this in the wild in 2024!

Thrive Center

Thrive Center exists to catalyze a movement of human thriving, with and for others. They conduct research and develop resources at the nexus of spirituality and human thriving in order to promote whole individuals and societies. Their new brand and digital home launches in 2024!


ADDO is creative consultancy at the intersection of customer loyalty and employee loyalty. Our team has served ADDO's team for nearly a decade and this year that meant designing and building a new digital home for them.

Ruby Falls

Breathtaking Ruby Falls was accidentally discovered by Leo Lambert in 1928 deep within Lookout Mountain in Chattanoooga, Tennessee. It's been pure joy creating Ruby Falls new digital home launching early in the new year.


This event marks the 40th anniversary of TED's founding, to celebrate creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom, and generosity. We loved bringing this website to life with the TED team. Visit the website

Stephanie Harbour*

The world is overflowing with leadership resources. But what makes sense for you, your company, and your team? You need wisdom to sift through what others have done. It takes courage to chart a path that aligns with your own definition of success.When you step into coaching with Stephanie, you will find a partner to help you discern what to do, when and how to do it, and to take on your specific challenges through a highly personalized lens.


Say goodbye to ineffective flashcard apps and boring Zoom classes, say hello to immersive learning that actually works. It's been a blast serving Immerse across our Web and Growth Studios. Make sure to watch their most recent feature on The View.

Mariner Logistics*

Mariner Logistics partners expertise and exploration to equip fast-scaling companies with the resources they need to become world-changing companies. Equipped with a new brand created by our friends at The Sasha Group our team had the opportunity to build Mariner's digital home.

Comic Relief*

Comic Relief envisions a just world free from poverty. So far, they've changed the lives of 35 million children and families with the help of millions of supporters. Our team had the opportunity to consult and build their new website that leverages Webflow.


While many boots out there are glued together to save costs, EverBoots are welt-stitched, making them water-resistant and harder-wearing day after day. They're the only boots you'll ever need. Our team had the opportunity to design and build Everboots new digital home.


Created in 2015, SupportNinja helps successful companies solve for scale. Equipped with a new brand created by our Brand Studio our Web Studio design and built SupportNinja's new digital home.

I Am That Kid*

With hope and candor, each I Am That Kid story explores the good that can come from people who've been adopted. Our Growth Studio continues to lead marketing efforts for this new initiative.


The IEX Group builds technology that removes barriers, unlocks scale, and moves industries forward. Our team continues to serve the IEX team across their brands.


In its nearly 40-year history, Barna Group has conducted more than two million interviews over the course of thousands of studies, and has become a go-to source for insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generations. Our Web Studio had the opportunity to remagine Barna's digital home from the ground-up.


Young people are leaving the faith. In many cases, they’re driven away by the church itself. TENx10 is on a mission to make faith matter more to 10 million young people over the next ten years. Our Brand and Web Studio had the opportunity to bring this initiative to life.

Junior Achievement USA

Junior Achievement aims to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Another highlight of the year has been working with Junior Achievement USA to design and build a financial literacy app launching early in the year.

Blooper (Fan Website)*

Us: "We need to protect Blooper from enemies of the Atlanta Braves."

Get Out There*

Launching in 2024, the Get Out There equips underrepresented youth to experience the great outdoors.

Free Agency (Book)*

Releasing early in 2024, this book is a guide to finding your way through the feelings of burnout, ineffectiveness, isolation, and vanity that plague our culture today. It’s a glimpse into what we’ve learned while building, launching, and growing a creative company over the past 15 years. It’s a synthesis of what we’ve gleaned from the leaders and teams at the 400+ organizations we’ve served along the way.

Pandora | Cloud Cover*

Get fully licensed, ad-free music for your business. Cloud Cover Music is the easiest and most affordable way to control your in-store music from anywhere - whether you have 1 location or thousands. Launching soon!

Land id*

Land id™ enables real estate & industry pros, landowners, and land curious to discover in-depth Land Identity™ & parcel data and create beautiful, shareable, interactive maps. We loved working with Land id™ team this year.


Dominion leverages real estate as a means to impact people and enhance lives. With over $1B under management and development, Dominion delivers superior value and return to their partners and investors by building robust operating platforms driven by dynamic, faith-based cultures that serve to engage people, improve lives, and enhance real estate investments. In 2024, Dominion's new brand and digital home will be in the wild.


Whiteboard is a creative agency empowering visionaries to design, build, and grow their ideas for a brighter future. Our brand, web, and growth studios help you stay true to your values while bringing your mission to life in the complex digital landscape. If you or your organization need help in the new year we'd love to connect.


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