Landscape shot of a mountain with Jacob Wuertz in the center.

Former Rock/Creek Marketing Leader joins Whiteboard

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“We have within our reach the opportunity to measurably change (our) clients’ worlds.”
Jacob Wuertz

Digital Marketing

May 10, 2019

Wuertz comes to Whiteboard following five years at Rock/Creek, where he was responsible for marketing strategy and implementation for over seven retail locations in Tennessee, specializing in camping, boating, rock climbing, hiking, and outdoor lifestyle.

“Whiteboard’s singular redemptive focus impacted me first as a client, second as a contractor, and third now as an employee. I’m excited to be a part of the beating heart of Whiteboard,“ said Wuertz. “If you feel like marketing is no longer fun/creative work, I can assure you that we can find the joy in it again. Outdoor specialty retail carries with it a spirit of recess, and as we carry the torch for our clients, I hope we create space for them to love their work again.”

Over the years, Wuertz has led countless projects, end-to-end. From space design to web design, he is a pure generalist.

“We have, within our reach, the opportunity to measurably change these clients’ worlds,” Wuertz said. “That means visionaries succeed, their audiences benefit, and we continue to catalyze a vision of a better world. I’m very much into that.”

Photo by Caleb Timmerman | @the.silver.banner

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