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Whiteboard Moves to Innovation District

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May 8, 2019

Official Press Release — Local creative agency Whiteboard has kicked off 2016 with a new home in downtown Chattanooga. The firm, five years old this past October, moved into the Innovation District at 701 Cherry Street on Monday, January 4th.

“The space at 701 is a game changer for our firm,” said Chief Creative Officer Eric Brown. “Our team has grown from six to seventeen over the past eighteen months, and we are bringing more and more of our clients to Chattanooga. While the extra square footage is nice, it’s the design of the space that has us excited.”

The office at 701 Cherry Street is designed for creative collaboration and community gatherings. Composed of a large commons area, a War Room with floor to ceiling writing spaces, conference room, library, a publication styled ‘bullpen,’ and executive enclave, the office will serve as an extension of the firm’s creativity.

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