Brighter Future Fund
How we invest in        
        a brighter future
Our Net Positive

Whiteboard’s Brighter Future Fund invests resources into net-positive strategies that give back more than they take from society and the environment.

Whiteboard was birthed out of our passion to serve courageous people and bold ideas.

As a bootstrapped company that works alongside dozens of social ventures; we understand the tension of bringing bold ideas to life amidst budget constraints—that’s why we started the Brighter Future Fund.

The Brighter Future Fund builds stronger communities by investing resources and creating platforms at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, technology, and education.

It’s not passive charity—it’s our strategic approach to leveraging our talents and profits on purpose. We believe it’s the best way we can give back.

We sponsor clients with smaller or non-existent budgets.

Launching in 2023,  Whiteboard will lead one pro-bono project a year for a local nonprofit in one of our office locations; specifically geared for the underserved and underrepresented. Especially peoples and communities of color.

In the cities we call home, Whiteboard is committed to doing a pro-bono project for one deserving non-profit each year through our “For the Public Good” initiative. The selected organization gets the full Whiteboard experience—all the strategic and creative magic of our team—for absolutely no charge.

WhAT we support
  • 01
    Organizations working towards justice for the underserved and underrepresented. Especially peoples and communities of color.
  • 02
    Organizations providing access to effective and life-giving education.
  • 03
    Organizations providing access to the Internet, which is the most powerful tool for information sharing, learning, and economic growth today.
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A man speaks to a crowd of teenagers.


For over thirty years the team at YouMatter has brought hope to teenagers facing: anxiety and hopelessness, rejection and unforgiveness, and suicidal thoughts.

Anderson Cooper and Alexander McLean do a tour of a prison.

Justice Defenders

We partnered with Justice Defenders to launch their new brand just in time for 60-Minutes feature.


For a
brighter future

In 2023, Whiteboard will provide pro-bono or subsidized services to qualified 501c3 organizations.

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Brighter Future Fund
A CreativeMornings takes place at the Whitboard HQ.

We sponsor education because education changes everything.

Whether it be through educational platforms, training, or workforce development, we desire to build character and agency through opportunities for learning and mastery.

Brighter Future Fund
In addition to our work with non-profits, we have three other initiatives supported by the Brighter Future Fund
Dennis Rivers, Whiteboard employee, works on a laptop.

We provide paid volunteer hours for all Whiteboard employees

We give every employee 16 hours of paid time each year to volunteer with non-profits of their choosing—collectively contributing 640 hours to our community.

Bailey Dingley, Whiteboard employee, descends the stairs at the HQ.

We match donations made by employees to non-profit organizations.

To support grassroots change in our communities, Whiteboard matches donations made by employees to non-profit organizations. Last year, we donated a total of $43,638.36 together to over 16 organizations through Charityvest.