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Empire City of the South

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This is a statement about the city of Atlanta and why we love it here. We might hate its traffic, but we love its people and are proud to have an office here. We look forward to serving you and your organization.

Since 2010, we’ve helped over 300 purpose-driven organizations leverage the internet for good. Whether we’re helping you create and launch an innovative app or website, build a digitally-focused brand, develop and execute a broad digital marketing strategy, or explore the technological frontiers of artificial intelligence and beyond, we work closely with our clients and become a core part of their team.

We believe technology can be a force for good, rather than a source of darkness, noise, and distraction. Our goal is to help you create digital environments for your audiences that feel more human, not less human.

Ideas are only valuable if there is action.

For us, a whiteboard is the first place we go to get to work. Whether it is an idea you feel in your gut or the tenured organization you’re leading, a whiteboard is a constant reminder that plans can be made, erased, and tried again. They’re used to convey the big picture and refine the details.

“Whiteboards are probably the most important piece of hardware a startup has. The whiteboard is where business plans are made, UI designs are sketched, and system architecture is plotted. It’s where a huge chunk of any company’s meaningful collaboration takes place.”
Kody Dahl

Creative Director, Whiteboard

The Company We Keep

Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.

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