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Fusing Airbus' constellation of high-resolution satellites along with fleets of unmanned aircraft, Aerial can collect, analyze, and distribute powerful, actionable data. When Airbus Aerial needed a digital presence to show their work to the world and recruit talent —they turned to Whiteboard.


Using the most advanced aerospace technologies, Airbus Aerial collects and delivers the data and services that matter most to your organization. Our job was to create a website that positioned Airbus Aerial in the marketplace and provide a glimpse into "life at work" for recruiting purposes.

Our team established a unique design system that still honors the principles established in Airbus' global brand style guide. We handled everything from design to copywriting and photography to create a compelling pitch for the new venture and interested job applicants.

“The company combines data from observation satellites (of which Airbus is the largest global operator), manned planes with cameras slung underneath, and drones, to get to the places others can’t reach. Airbus Aerial packages it all up, and presents it neatly to the customer, via a cloud-based interface.”
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