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Smartphones are amazing–and really, really hard to put down. Aro makes that a little easier by giving your phone a home and a companion app to track and celebrate the time you spend away from it.

We worked with Aro on almost every stage of the product including naming, branding, copywriting, app design, media, and even packaging. When it came time to design and develop the website, we already had a strong idea of how we wanted the site to feel.

Contrary to a lot of e-commerce patterns that say you need to lead with the product, we wanted to lead with the vision for the product and the solution it offers. With such a young brand, we started our conversation with the passion that's at the core of Aro. The goal: build a small, loyal tribe that would catalyze Aro into an established brand.

Next, we leaned on one of Aro's core brand traits—a quiet presence. Aro exists to minimize distractions so you can focus on something meaningful. It was important that the website felt like Aro could help you accomplish that. The type, the colors, the patterns, and compositions are all meant to coalesce into a calming, serene, supportive feeling.

With Aro, the benefit is not in the box itself, but rather the lifestyle it helps you create. This led us to focus on capturing the kind of mindful, present moments that are the ultimate goal of unplugging. We intentionally placed the Aro in scenes that served to help people visualize how it could fit into their own lives—how accessible those moments could be for them. 

Changing your relationship with your phone can be challenging. The companion app is a key part of the experience. The app measures, celebrates, and helps you give yourself credit for the time you spend away from your phone. To showcase this we utilized components from the app and phone mockups in the design to demonstrate how Aro connects to and interacts with you and your smartphone.

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