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The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding initiative that catalyzes social impact on a grand scale. Every year, they select and nurture a group of big, bold solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges and, with the support of an inspiring group of donors and supporters, come together to get them launched.

Housed at TED, the nonprofit with a long track record of surfacing ideas worth spreading, the funding collective is comprised of several respected organizations and individuals in philanthropy.

With an upcoming cohort launch, the Audacious Project decided to revamp their website to create an easy-to-update editorial platform that empowered their team to seamlessly highlight each year’s impact and ideas. In partnership with Whiteboard, the website was transformed into a user-friendly space for users to browse past ideas and applicants to submit their own.

The team at Whiteboard found there was an opportunity to serve both audiences: the idea applicant and the supporter. Through balancing page hierarchies to both showcase impact and invite others to take action, pathways to apply and browse ideas were strategically placed and prioritized. For the applicant, it was important to clearly communicate the application process and what makes an idea a good fit. For the supporter, the priority was a seamless user experience to filter, browse, and learn more about ideas.

Our team was tasked with connecting the Audacious Project brand to TED, while still maintaining individuality. You will see nods to the TED brand through font type and button styles, while keeping the distinct and unique Audacious Project purple.

With the launch of the new Audacious Project website, web visitors can now browse all ideas through a user-friendly filtering system, clearly see how to submit their own ideas, and read through blog posts with beautiful imagery. The Audacious Project team is now empowered to easily write and update blog posts, refresh the site with the latest ideas, and keep all information current.

“Working with the Audacious Project team was energizing. They came to us with a vision to create a scalable and editable website that serves both their users and their internal team. The intentionality behind the Audacious Project trickled down to every client review meeting. They fully trusted us to bring their vision to life through a web experience. It’s an honor to improve a platform for ideas and initiatives that truly better the world."
Grace Gorst
Whiteboard Senior Strategist
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