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Bold is pioneering headless, flexible checkout for the world's leading brands to tailor checkout experiences by the shopper.

After years of building notoriety as a Shopify Apps developer, Bold made a strategic decision to pivot their business. Over the course of launching 90,000+ checkouts on Shopify, their team became aware of three converging realities:

  1. The pandemic dramatically changed the way people shop.
  2. Evolving online shopper habits resulted in an average 50% bounce rate due to checkout.
  3. Brands growing their online business were bound by legacy technologies and couldn’t quickly improve their platforms to keep up with evolving shopper expectations.

With years of experience and a deep well of expertise, Bold decided to move upmarket to help growing online brands break tech constraints in their eCommerce stack. They developed a headless checkout solution that allows brands to build tailored, agile checkout experiences for shoppers. Think unique flows based on channel, device, region, and shopper preferences.

Bold approached us after undergoing a significant rebrand with Matchstic, to partner with them in bringing their new brand to life online. Bold’s pivot was no small change. It presented a key challenge to establish their new positioning as a checkout-first company while maintaining touch points for a large legacy audience who knew them as a Shopify Apps developer. Bold’s new brand also came with a creative prompt to break the conventional mold as a B2B tech brand, while establishing authority in a new space. Our team collaborated with Matchstic and the Bold team to develop a comprehensive approach to applying the new Bold brand in a digital context.

We first worked to understand the core drivers for their business pivot, the needs and pain points of their new target audiences, and the perceptions and expectations of their existing legacy audiences. We developed a thorough web strategy to introduce their new direction, build a case for headless checkout, and create “backdoors” across the site for legacy audiences to access Bold’s library of Shopify Apps.

Our team then worked to extend the visual brand for web. We crafted bespoke web page designs for the new marketing site, and developed a comprehensive design language, establishing conventions for web components, asset design, UI, and interaction design. The output was a robust global design system for the Bold team to take and implement on the new marketing site and other digital properties over time.

With a new brand and web outfit in hand, Bold confidently launched a new era of their business to change the way brands do checkout forever.

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Web & Content Strategy

Our team worked to materialize the positioning and headline work from Matchstic into a web narrative and product pitch that would land with their new target audiences. We worked to find the right balance of establishing an opinionated and personified voice while creating clarity about the benefits of opting into Bold’s headless checkout.

Global Design System & Web Design

With the prompt to break traditional web conventions in the B2B tech space, our team worked to design a fresh take on a B2B marketing site, while maintaining a clear user experience for busy web visitors. We extended a visual system built on bold typography and atmospheric gradients, to create a scalable design language to be carried over to other digital properties.

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