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Clear is an identity company that makes experiences safer and easier—no matter where you live, work, or travel.

Since day one, Clear‘s identity platform has made it seamless to move freely through airports, venues, and beyond. When the Clear team came to us, the company was scaling incredibly fast—so fast that their Wordpress website was rapidly falling out of date. Their engineering team was completely booked, so making any changes—even minor ones—could take weeks, sometimes months. Because of this, Clear wanted to migrate their site to Webflow to allow their in-house marketing team to own the marketing site and adapt it to the business’s growing needs.

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Research & Planning

In the first stage of collaboration, we learned how quickly CLEAR was growing. By the time they came to us, their site was extremely out of date, but they didn’t have the ability to make changes and get it updated. We also learned they had recently refreshed their brand, and the original site had outdated fonts, colors, and general branding. The original project was a 1:1 site migration from Wordpress to Webflow. But after hearing about their growth and rebrand, we made two recommendations.

First, we pitched completing the migration with a modular component based system. Rather than having to start from scratch, their team would be able to build brand new pages (or edit existing ones) by using the components as building blocks. With this system, they could quickly update the site to their needs.

Second, we recommended implementing their brand refresh in the migration. This would allow us to incorporate the new fonts, colors, and branding, while giving a general site polish—helping it feel even more modern and at home in a rapidly growing tech industry.

Site Migration

Once these recommendations were approved, our team began the substantial site migration. Another unique element of Clear’s site was the need for flexibility around their locations and FAQs. Our team built robust CMS collections for both content categories, making it easy to add a location or update an FAQ. The challenge was (pardon the pun) clear: how do we accommodate a high quantity of information with a rapidly scaling company (and therefore rapidly updating information)? Rather than prioritizing one or the other, our developers were able to craft a content-rich website with a visual-first CMS built specifically for the scaling enterprise. Our team even ended up leading a Webflow webinar on our work with Clear.

Now, Clear has an editable website that incorporates their new brand, is easy to regularly update, and provides an accurate representation of an industry-leading identity technology for a modern, fast-moving world.

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