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Community uses enterprise-grade SMS software to connect people with political figures, brands, and leaders in their community.

With massive success in both grass-roots organizations and popular brands, Community was looking for a way to make their print brand come alive on the web, along with the ability to customize future web pages.  

Our process began by diving deep into Community’s current visual identity, looking for opportunities to reposition it as a living, flexible brand. We analyzed competitor landing pages to determine the necessary components for different landing page types and assessed what design and functionality elements needed to be adaptable.

Together, our teams landed on a flexible design system, which informed a build out of a new home page and a robust, dynamic landing page builder. The new home page presented Community as a bold, exciting voice, making it easy for users to purchase and/or learn how to get involved. The landing page builder allowed the Community team to quickly build, customize, and adapt new pages for specific audiences.

Community now has the toolkit they need to feel empowered to own their brand and their outreach. Their website now represents the powerful grassroots initiatives impacting our world, and their web presence is positioned to make the same kind of positive change.

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Brand Evolution

The Whiteboard team took the foundation of Community’s current brand and offered 3 different directions for a web-optimized design system. The Community team asked to incorporate all 3 directions as a flexible design system—intentional, but adaptable enough to curate their content for specific audiences.


Our team took this new design system and introduced a new homepage that gave Community a bold voice—one that accurately represented the impact they have in the B2C, political, and influencer communities. The goal: provide clear pathways to purchase and properly summarize the life, energy, and impact that their platform is making on the world.

Landing Page Builder

To ensure an easy-to-use builder, our team created a dynamic component block system in Webflow that allowed for multiple color and layout flexibility with a single dropdown option. We created around 90 different components, with 10 color variations, for a total of 900 custom component variants that could be reorganized into thousands of different variations. All living in an accessible, easy-to-navigate system for the Community team to work in.

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