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Get 2 College has accepted the critical responsibility of guiding young students towards flourishing lives at college and in the workforce. This mission requires an agile approach to resourcing both teachers and students in the web medium.

The G2C team identified Whiteboard as the ideal facilitator of impactful web experiences to establish their online presence. The task? To create a seamless online home for various tools and resources that could be leveraged on a practical level in the statewide school system.

Site content needed to be robust enough in the right spots, while encouraging the team towards good content hygiene to reduce bloat overtime. The whole site points to a central call to action to hop on the phone with a counselor to start the preparation journey.

The solution was to directly address each key audience head-on. With the click of a button the website dynamically shifts to present the resources best suited for a visitor. A refreshed design system reflecting the youthful spirit of the organization took the strategic approach to the next level.

Through calls and reviews, the G2C team was able to collaboratively provide a clear impression of the passion-driven work in which they were participating. This strong context helped guide the development team in constructing unique interactions and animations that make navigational flows pop.

These converging approaches helped the site settle on an engaging journey allowing for students and educators from all communities to easily access guidance for the post-high school college and career journey.

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