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Powered by NCR’s proprietary data, Greenhouse provides a new level of insight into future trends, opportunities for innovation, and unique perspectives.

NCR approached us with an idea for a digital publication. Through their payment software, they have access to a lot of data that reveals how consumer behaviors are changing.

They wanted to leverage that unique point of view to generate articles that can help entrepreneurs in banking, retail, and hospitality to not only withstand but adapt to the volatile changes in the market over the last several years.

To design their content hub, we focused on three strategies.

First, we leaned on our partners at Fern to design an easy-to-replicate illustration system that could pair with the articles. The goal of the illustrations was to support the content by communicating a sense of expertise that's ahead of emerging trends.

Second, we created an easy to filter archive so that, as NCR writes more content, readers can easily find the content they want.

And finally, we wanted to make the article pages more robust using article summaries, thoughtful hierarchies through styles text, and branded inline images.

Empowered with this tool, we're eager to see how NCR can user their metrics and expertise to guide business leaders.

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