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When we met Nate Hybl near the end of 2017, he began the conversation with a vision for identity, a sense of self, and a vivid passion for inspiring that awakening in others.

“Today is life - the only life you are sure of... Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake... Live today with gusto.” —Andrew Carnegie

Nate and his team came to us with more than a restaurant; the Spirit of Gusto is a manifesto of awakenings and human value. Armed with this vision, we began dreaming up a web & media strategy as cheerful and sun-soaked as gusto! itself.

Together with the gusto! team, we identified 3 key goals: bring the food so close you could practically taste it, communicate the sophistication of the gusto! brand without a hint of pretense, and above all, make every interaction with gusto on the web a delight—simple, clear, and fun.

We did this through an in-depth approach to photography (both of the deconstructed ingredients & their final form), a bright, classically minimal design approach (“the fundamentals of a no.2 pencil” and a great deal of Helvetica), and a mobile-focused, performant user experience built on Wordpress. Three cheers to a culinary awakening.

Live today with gusto—and the next time you’re in Atlanta, Georgia, we highly recommend tasting a little 🥗 too.

“We set out each day with the intention of creating a positive impact on our customers and colleagues.”
Nate Hybl
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