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Throughout history, transportation has been a powerful catalyst for cultural, political, and technological change. There is little doubt that the century ahead will introduce revolutionary new modes of transport, and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ranks among the most promising.

Headway was a project made possible through the contributions of 30+ organizations such as, Airbus, Aerospace Industries Association, Community Air Mobility Initiative, and many more. Whiteboard was selected to brand the initiative, design the white paper, and create an immersive digital experience for the project.

The conversation about urban air mobility is a large and difficult conversation that is weighed down by bureaucracy. The team leading Headway wanted to create a unified platform that convened the conversation around urban air mobility with a focus on safety, equity of access, and the impact it could have on communities.

But how do you build this world that doesn’t exist yet? This was the challenge Whiteboard and our friends at Fern tackled together. It needed to be accurate and exciting, true and also compelling. They developed a small world of illustrations to paint that picture.

Whiteboard created Headway an identity and design system to convey this message. The design referenced mid-century modern and art deco, as that was an optimistic time for technology. The team realized that Headway was at this position that envisioned a slightly idealized but realistic future.

The Fern team’s thoughtfulness in their design approach and attention to detail matched Whiteboard’s digital expertise that something beautiful was created.

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Futuristic rendering of what life could be like with Headway.
Desktop view of the Headway site.
Mobile view of the Headway site and select pages view.
Headway logo over illustration of women in a future rendering.
"Map out the Lifestyle, Economic, and Environmental Considerations of Urban Air Mobility for your city"

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