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Human Rights First equips the skilled to abolish the oppressed. They take critical action in the face of critical threats. It is where asylum-seekers find solace and oppressors find justice.

The organization has been fighting injustice since it opened its doors in 1978 and shows no signs of slowing down. To match this legacy of justice, Human Rights First needed an agile site that pays homage to a rich history, equips skilled individuals, and resources asylum seekers. But how do we accurately capture a legacy of impact that stretches back nearly half a century?

When Human Rights First began their journey of reorienting their digital impact, they found themselves with a disjointed brand position that was unable to accurately communicate the scope of work they accomplish daily. Our team was tasked with reimagining their digital home from the ground-up.

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The Design

Our friends over at Matchstic were able to help them make the first major strides towards a cohesive mission. Matchstic crafted a beautiful brand identity for them that captured the nuances of Human Rights First being a varied NGO held together by the common thread of equipping and activating the skilled to abolish oppression.

Our design team then metabolized the core pillars of Human Rights First into a creative design system that put mission first. The pillars on the home page are a direct line to the core principals of the organization. Woven throughout the various elements of this new system are flashes of orange that, once activated, stand out among the profound color palette.

Building the Content Engine

Our development team worked their magic by transforming key points in the design into moments of delight for the user. We could spend hours activating the animations on the site and it never get old—not even joking. Complimenting these highlights is a full suite of accessibility features so that all people are able to access the key information they need. Some accessibility highlights include, an exceptional Google Lighthouse score, flexibility for keyboard navigation, and accounting for screen reader functionality.

The collaborative work our team accomplished resulted in a site that directs users to the information they need. Visitors can now enjoy the flexibility of a site that signals important categories of information and allows for seamless navigation. The content system we created allows the team to remain agile in continuously presenting creative content while answering the needs of their already impressive database. It’s not always easy to systematize an organically-shaped NGO into a logical set of user-flows, but our sustainable content model made that possible.

Posturing themselves as an earnest, focussed, mission-driven force for good, Human Rights First is doing real work that is deeper than feel-good virtue signaling. They see the problems and help solve them. And now, the world can see that posture being proudly displayed.

Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.

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