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IEX Group houses three technology companies, all of which happened to need new innovative and modern web presences that reflected their thinking and business approach. 

Whiteboard partnered with IEX Group to rethink their parent company website as well their subsidiaries. Approaching each site by first understanding their unique user and technology complexities to better communicate their value and then extending their individual brands to relate and gain trust with their intended end users.

“IEX innovates for fairness and performance. It was important to us to find an agency that could help us reimagine our brand online with intense creativity, deep experience in digital transformations, and a passion for our mission. We found that with Whiteboard and appreciate their commitment to integrity and excellence.”
Marija Zivanovic-Smith
IEX, Chief Marketing & Communications Office
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IEX Exchange

IEX Exchange, an innovative stock exchange built to serve investors, needed a website that could both serve their marketing needs and house a robust content and documentation library, all while also abiding by regulatory and security requirements. The Whiteboard team was able to migrate all of the content seamlessly by building robust templates and components through Webflow. Now, not only does IEX Exchange have a modern, user-friendly website,  the marketing and legal teams can make updates in minutes which used to take the developers hours.

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swXtch brings high-performance network features to cloud applications with the touch of a button and without code changes. Truly the first of its kind, it was important that the deep technical benefits and potential use cases were clearly communicated. This product was going to be a game changer for developers, but website users and decision makers were higher level marketing professionals,  so we toed the line between technical and well done, but approachable enough for someone outside of the tech space to know what the product was and what value it could bring for their team.

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IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud provides a core set of financial data, all in one place. Together, we worked to showcase the value from individual developers to large corporation stakeholders, clearly articulating the problems being solved while not shying away from the technical jargon required to accurately depict the innovation of the product. Our design team translated complex internal product diagrams into dynamic product UI. With the new website, IEX Cloud was poised to effectively show off the value they’re bringing to their industry.

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IEX Group & Square Edge

IEX Group sought to bring in the sophistication of their brand and the flexibility of Webflow. As their editorial audience grew, we advised their team on designs for a robust editorial site, Square Edge and built a flexible, easy to edit blog architecture in Webflow. Now IEX Group has a robust online publication that produces equities and technology insights, research, news, case studies, and more through an intuitive user experience.

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