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Intellicheck (Nasdaq: IDN) is one of the most trusted identity validation platforms in the U.S., validating over 100 million identities every year for customers patronizing the highest levels of banking, financial services, commercial retail, and technology.

During a season of growth, they approached Whiteboard with a need to reposition their brand to differentiate from a crowded, noisy marketplace—and scale their marketing efforts to further grow their business. They were focused on building a customer-centric platform experience, and willing to take bold steps to stand out.

We led a research effort, including qualitative & quantitative research across their market landscape, and then worked with their team to develop a new brand position, actualized with strategically driven messaging and a fresh visual identity. We brought these efforts to life through a fully custom web experience and marketing campaign to bolster awareness in markets ranging from commercial retail to banking and financial services.

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To help Intellicheck cut through the noise, we introduced a new brand position in a market full of competitors selling based on threat of fraud. We found that, while fraud compliance was table stakes, Intellicheck’s target audience really cared about one thing: a seamless customer experience. Identity validation should be designed for customers, not for frauds.  Building on that idea, we designed messaging and a visual identity that subverts their competitor’s visual & verbal playbook, positioning the Intellicheck brand with a distinct point of view to meet its audience where they care: Intellicheck is invisible.


As we carried the work forward onto the web, we were excited to expand on the idea of prioritizing the customer experience. We elevated the concept of “invisible”, layering frosted glass UI components over photography to continue to connect complex, abstract technology to real customer experiences. Subtle touches of animation bring life and movement throughout the site, from product overviews to the demo request forms. Intellicheck’s new digital home helps them stand out in a crowded commodity-driven landscape—and supports their sales team as they work to grow a complex, technical product.

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