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Originally founded as the African Prisons Project, Justice Defenders found an impossibly simple solution to a complex societal problem. Whiteboard just came along to boost that effort.

Justice Defenders is a registered UK charity and U.S. nonprofit with nearly 350 people working across four African countries. Their mission is to “equip defenseless communities with legal training to defend themselves and others.” Founder Alexander McLean founded the organization with the idea that the people who have experienced conflict with the system can also work to make and shape the system.

Working across multiple time zones, the Whiteboard team began building a relationship with Alexander and his team. It was so striking to see how the Justice Defenders team had found an opening in the way that society was built where compassion and justice could serve.

With identity creation help from Mighty Ally, Justice Defenders was ready for a brand and digital experience that propelled their mission forward and reached a wider audience. Their story was strong and they knew their purpose, which made the Whiteboard team’s job easy.

The Whiteboard team offered digital expertise to match the drive of Justice Defenders by helping design and build a digital landscape. Justice Defenders needed the right tools and designs. Whiteboard was able to provide that for them and overall add to their brand narrative so that the Justice Defenders team could continue to pursue a once unsolvable problem.

Equipped with a new name and new web experience, Justice Defenders was featured on CBS News 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper and ultimately saw a a 1000% more website donors and 2100% more online income in the first year.


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