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When Jonathan Golden reached out to discuss the next chapter of the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee brand, our team was ready to explore packaging design, ecommerce, and a new coffee subscription service.

In 2005, Jonathan D Golden, founder of Land of a Thousand Hills, recognized an opportunity to join with others in aiding a war-torn Rwanda.

Jonathan started Thousand Hills coffee in 2007 with a vision of paying a fair wage to farmers, to help them with basic needs, while bringing a quality product to coffee lovers.

The introduction of specialty coffee was an opportunity for once-warring countrymen to not only rebuild their homesteads but work together towards lasting peace. A commitment to excellence in coffee has brought hope to a nation that history suggested would never recover.

Land of a Thousand Hills partners with farmers and local community leaders to create sustainable income and aid in meeting the needs of the people. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are choosing coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. With each purchase, your morning cup offers hope to developing coffee communities.

Rwandan Peace Baskets are traditionally used to present a gift and represent a commitment to unity and growth. The various patterns can symbolize two women holding hands, lifting each other toward a brighter tomorrow. Although the patterns are distinctly Rwandan, the message of peace is universal.

In 2017, Jonathan reached out to Whiteboard to learn more about digital marketing and build a new coffee subscription service bringing Land of a Thousand Hills coffee straight to their customer's doorstep. In addition to a new website and subscription service, our team crafted a Culture Book that outlines their mission, values, org chart, and goals as a brand.

"We believe coffee is more than just beans that are hand-picked and roasted to perfection. Coffee is an opportunity to do good, and doing good means we get to help people and champion dignity."
Jonathan Golden
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