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MonkeDAO is, the first NFT Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) built on Solana cryptocurrency.

The group works to provide unparalleled value to our members and the Solana ecosystem through community-led projects, connections and innovations. With the success of their initial NFTs (unique 8-bit Monkey portraits), the community is seeking to launch several new initiatives and needed a brand that could take them to the next stage of growth.

MonkeDAO built a culture that's quirky, fun, and irreverent, but also fairly bold — investing in the future of web3 while operating according to some pretty high libertarian ideals around rights to privacy, democratic processes, and the like. Kind of a fascinating collection of traits — playful, but also professional.

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The Brand Design

We wanted the visual impression of the brand to reflect that quirkiness—to feel quite bold and sure of itself while embracing some wonky, unconventional aesthetic decisions. The odd contrast in the logotype, the cheeky rotation of the "D", the use of color to create moments of high contrast, the heavy black lines in the icons—these decisions are all meant to feel quirky, but self-assured. Not subtle, but not wacky either.

Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.

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