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In 1917, after a brainstorming conversation between a bakery salesman and some Appalachian coal miners, the MoonPie® was born, and by the late 1930′s was the bakery’s #1 seller, a spot it still occupies today.

Chattanooga Bakery was founded in 1902 as a subsidiary of the Mountain City Flour Mill. A fourth generation, family-owned business, the company made nearly 100 snack cake and cookie items under the Lookou trademark, named after the popular residential and tourist community near Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain.

Our team has had the pleasure of serving the MoonPie® team across a variety of specialty packaging and product design initiatives.

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MoonPie® x Tin

While the MoonPie® brand has evolved to remain relevant and contemporary over the years, Marketing Director Tory Johnston had a vision to return to its heritage for a batch of collectible tins for Tractor Supply Co. He teamed up with us to capture the best of the past, while putting a 21st Century spin on the designs.

Since the collectible tins Tractor Supply Co., MoonPie® launched more limited edition tin designs in conjunction with other national retailers like Walmart and Cracker Barrel.

Ongoing Design & Brand Development

Our team continues to support MoonPie® marketing efforts with specialty packaging and product design.

Ongoing Partnership

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