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Pandora Cloud Cover brings premium, ad-free music streaming to businesses.

With the power of Pandora, businesses can craft their own custom stations or explore a diverse array of genre stations, spanning every mood, style, and era.  Tailored specifically for commercial settings, Pandora ensures that a business environment is enriched with the perfect soundtrack, reflecting your brand's identity and enhancing the overall customer experience. Like many powerful products, it required clarity and vision to tell a succinct story that equally showed the value without feeling difficult to grasp.

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Brand Refresh

Our team worked with the CloudCover team to update the logo and brand to represent the platform joining the Pandora umbrella. The Pandora team wanted to create a subrand that was friendly towards businesses while influenced by the core Pandora brand. The visuals broke down the intricate platform into bitesized featured that represented several businesses across their intended audience.


Strategically, our biggest task was restructuring the website to make sure there was a focused user journey that allowed the user to self qualify into different industries, plans, and equipment without being overwhelmed by the number of choices available to them. In design, we found adding depths of color, pattern language, and new UI visuals helped the brand come to life. Poised for growth, we built the website with components allowing their team to easily add new pages and sections by leveraging pre-built elements in Webflow.

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