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Passion City Church has been reaching people of all ages across multiple communities for years. Their well-known brand is very organic and non-conforming, but as they were expanding, the Passion City team wanted their digital experience to extend their voice and offer more dynamic content for their communities.

In collaboration with Whiteboard, the Passion City team elaborated on their vision for providing a variety of online content for their audience while maintaining the sense of community and natural voice of Passion City. It was important that the next steps for their brand and digital presence were intentional and that all church leadership was on board with it.

The Passion City team provided an in-house team with a desire for visual boldness while serving their audiences well. Whiteboard met Passion City’s purpose-driven goals and deep audience understanding with digital expertise in strategy, design, and development. Whiteboard was eager to get in the weeds with them to dig out what this meant for their digital presence.

“Once we got the ideas from Passion City, we were able to really run with it and think more artistically about the web experience. It was really cool to break the box for Passion City and make strides for the kind of problems the Whiteboard team is able to solve,” said Senior Strategist Jordan Epperson.

The process meant the teams had to be comfortable with challenging some web conventions and not being afraid to tackle the hard problems in order to make wise decisions for the Passion City brand. Ultimately, Passion City was able to provide a new experience for their communities that reflected who they are and who they want to be in this world.

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Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.Exterior shot of one of the Passion City Church locations.

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