Democratizing philanthropy.

For a brighter future where every need is met in every community.

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When Blake Canterbury told us about his vision to leverage technology to meet real-time needs in local communities, we told him we’d do anything necessary to bring that vision to life. Today, Purposity finds those in need near you.

Would you help a student in your child's class needed shoes or a family lost their home in a fire? We think so. Get one weekly notification, read their story and decide if you'll help right from your phone.

In the beginning, we started with one school district whose social workers needed a way to help fulfill the needs of their students quickly. Users signed-up to receive a weekly text message that randomized a need with that community. We utilized Amazon Wishlists for social workers to curate specific items that community members could purchase. Every week 100% of needs would be met in under 30 minutes.

From MVP to iOS and Android apps—Purposity is growing and leading a movement of generosity. Users can track their giving goals. Fulfill needs in locations near to them or somewhere else in the United States. Finally, your tool for good.

“Purposity isn’t just a tool. It’s a vision. It’s a vision of seeing the world as it should be. It’s the quest to connect neighbors and communities around purpose. It’s you helping those around you.”
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