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Since 1984, Sawyer Products has offered the best, most technologically advanced solutions for protection against sun, bugs, water, & injuries.

With a goal of strengthening their web presence, Sawyer was eager for a website that reflected the quality of their physical products as well as their international impact. In partnership with This is Worthwhile, the Whiteboard team was tasked with a unique UX objective: combine their international impact website and their product-driven website into one cohesive experience.

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Strategic Positioning

This unique objective created a special balance our team had to strike: when to elevate Sawyer’s philanthropic impact and when to promote the products and user pathways to purchase them. Page by page and section by section, we started with the same question: Which is the goal? Through an intentional navigation and site structure, these two goals were seamlessly interchanged throughout the site while maintaining the same hierarchy.

Digital Design

In the design phase, we collaborated with Worthwhile, an agency working with Sawyer on rebranding & packaging. Our main task here was to take the work-in-progress packaging and transform it to a strong digital brand system: making decisions on how to use typography, imagery, and icons, along with packaging design elements.

We decided to lead with their product—what their audience already knew and trusted—and extracted the new packaging elements to use as supporting design components. This approach helped the team see the full story of their brand come together.


Sawyer’s website houses a vast infrastructure of product details, blogs, and resources that requires easy access to edit and build upon. To ensure this accessibility, our development team prioritized an efficient CMS structure and the variables needed to ensure a smooth client editing system through Webflow.

The end result: a website that empowers the Sawyer team to edit their products, share updates on their impact, and rely on a strong brand narrative and visual system for the future.

Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.A hiker drinks from a Sawyer water bottle, filled from a small water rapid.

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