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The Skuid team knew they needed to tell the story of their product, and Webflow was the platform they needed. That is where the Whiteboard team stepped in.

The team at Skuid has a unique solution to build Salesforce apps quickly and efficiently, and with less code overall. They are an invaluable tool for many other companies and offer resources for other teams to save time and serve customers well.

Skuid initially reached out to Whiteboard because of the previous work in Webflow, and the Skuid team was interested in using Webflow to build a web experience that fit their story. When the Whiteboard team met Skuid and first saw their opening video explaining the product, our team knew the vision was there. All we had to do was create the space for that narrative.

The two teams worked collaboratively to build a web experience that was immersive and interactive. Throughout the creative process, it became clear animation and illustration told the story of Skuid best. Instead of just filling the site with buzzwords, customers can see the product in action on the site.

The final product was a website and marketing toolkit unique to Skuid, but it happened because Skuid and Whiteboard were able to lean on each other and share a goal together. The relationship propelled the project forward and empowered the digital future for both teams. Together, Whiteboard and Skuid designed and developed a digital world that weaved a brand into a captivating experience.

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