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TED Conferences bring together a group of industry leaders and impactful people for unique, multi-day experiences dedicated to TED’s global mission of sharing meaningful new ideas.

In the quickly-evolving and inspiring conference industry, TED Conferences found themselves needing a website that made it easy to add events and update details without a heavy development effort each time while reflecting their creativity and innovation for each unique event.

The Whiteboard team quickly determined that custom CMS-friendly templates would equip the TED team to enter the necessary information and assets without having to account for development complexities. To ensure that there was enough flexibility in the templates for each unique event brand, we created components that allow the TED team to upload brand elements, including animated illustrations, to each conference page.

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Visual Language

Visually, both teams found it important that the Conferences site feels at home within the TED brand. In the design phase we learned we could invert the typical color scheme of, using a black background with white text, to elevate the gorgeous conference photography in a compelling way.


By the time of launch, the TED Conference team had a website that was easy to update with conference-unique assets and the Whiteboard team had a blast problem-solving a solution that would empower their team and give their conferences a visually-compelling digital home. The hard work on both ends has paid off, resulting in a 20% conversion rate (compared 2% conversion rate average for a website) and positive reception from the internal TED team and their website users.

Whibaord co-founder Eric Brown smiles at a co-worker in the office.A woman delivers a TED Talk from the convention center in Vancouver.

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