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TED's flagship site is a sophisticated media platform with proprietary video hosting. But quickly experimenting and iterating on new marketing strategies proved to be a challenge.

The Product team at TED needed a way to quickly create landing pages for events that would prompt users to become a TED member. With that in mind, the TED marketing team approached us to create a new landing page builder inside of Webflow.

Over the years, we've developed systems within Webflow to optimize the platform's CMS to empower marketing specialists and content managers to spin up new landing pages quickly through Webflow's editor. In other words, they can create new pages with a flexible system all without code.

We started by designing a variety of "components" or building blocks, including: multiple header styles, form styles, content blocks, call-to-action sections, and more.

Next, we developed an approved series of components in Webflow. We synced all of the components to Webflow's CMS–allowing any editor to create a page, decide the page length, and determine which components to use.

One of the biggest benefits of this system is the ability to test and iterate. Now, the TED team can create multiple landing pages for the same event and then use those pages to test which messaging or layout style aligns best with their audience. With the tools they need to be flexible and efficient, they are empowered to use their flagship site proactively and effectively. 

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