Transforming take out and tacos during the 2020 pandemic.

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What does a digital-first hospitality restaurant experience feel like in 2020?

Tacos, Tortas, and Tequila, a street-food initiative by the Street Guys Hospitality group, partnered with Whiteboard to assist in their rebranded shorten their name to TTT. This rebrand was in the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic which completely jolted and forever changed the food industry. With Whiteboard’s help, TTT launched a fresh, energetic brand, website, and new approach to food takeout in the height of a year of unknowns.

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Brand Approach

TTT’s brand is strategically focused around their food photography which is fresh, clever, bright, eclectic. The colors and spirit of their food is reminiscent of street food culture which TTT successfully delivered to their customers to the 2020 hospitality market. This street food energy goes hand-in-hand with the lively creativity of street art, thus their logo is an ode to street art signatures. Leaving their mark on the central DC food scene.

Flexible Typography

TTT’s brand radiates such organic energy that we wanted to bring this attitude to all brand decisions, most importantly their typography system. To convey fast-moving, creative street art, our type stack is bold, easy-to-digest, and flexible for all living brand touch points. Combining two energetic Sans Serifs gives us a unique type stack that conveys this energy.


TTT’s web presences is bright, energetic, and leads with their food photography. Their new site immediately greets the user with mouth-watering street food which is easy to explore by scrolling and hover interactions. Their responsive, yet interactive, typography decisions brings all the same energy to a visitor that any street food experience would.

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