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How can you take your summer to the next level? The answer: WinShape Camps. They create camps that turn summers into meaningful experiences for campers and families. Equipped with a new and beautiful brand guide, their team asked Whiteboard to elevate their digital presence.

In 2013, the team awesome at Brand Apart introduced us to WinShape Camps. At the time WinShape Camps needed a new website that prioritized mobile usability and  allowed their team to scale their content library in a variety of ways. We were challenged to create a platform that was easy to manage and award-winning. Ultimately, we did both and we've been serving their team ever since.

In 2018, WinShape Camps approached Whiteboard equipped with a beautiful, colorful, and dynamic brand style guide created by the incredibly talented team at Matchstic. Our team designed and engineered a content library that the Camps team can manage and scale on demand. One of the unique challenges was engineering a way for WinShape's team to apply a variety of color filters in the Content Management System. We built it!

Our goal for WinShape Camps is simple: to inspire both parents and their kids to want to go to camp. The site is alive, wild, and fun. Just like their camp experiences. Most importantly, it reflects the invaluable work that WinShape is cultivating in the next generation.

“Every child I know who overcame long odds and grew into a responsible adult can point to an adult who stepped into his or her life as a friend, a mentor, and a guide.”
Truett Cathy
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