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From camps to college, the Winshape Foundation is a comprehensive guide that comes along individuals in critical moments. Comprised of 5 branches, each piece of Winshape blends together to create a cohesive mission of hope.

As Jordan Epperson, former Winshape employee and current Whiteboarder, describes, “They [Winshape] uniquely minister to every season of life from birth to parenthood.”

Our partnership with Winshape began 7 years ago when they approached us about integrating new brand language for their camps division into an immersive website. We took that mission and ran with it. This early partnership resulted in an unconventional website that won a site of the day accolade from

Since that website launch, Winshape Camps continued to grow and develop as a brand. We continued to walk alongside them by providing support, integrating content, and maintaining functionality for their online presence. Come 2018, they were gearing up for the next step in their visual identity. By 2019, we were in development alongside their team to craft a new site that could capture their mission and share it with visitors.

That 2019 initiative led to the opportunity for Winshape to trust us with transforming their entire online identity. Amidst the updates we made to the Camps site in this time, we also refreshed the College, Marriage, Homes, and Teams ministry websites. Working alongside our friends at Matchstic, we were able to integrate a strong visual identity that connected the branches while celebrating their unique themes.

Winshape continues to be a friend of our agency as we continually work with them to maintain brand standards and ensure that their web presence is nothing short of outstanding. While this is an ongoing effort, one such manifestation came in 2020 when we helped craft an engaging “from home” experience where campers could view and interact with camps similarly to how they would normally.

In each endeavor we have been proud to come alongside the strong vision that Winshape holds for the future. Jordan sums up our enthusiasm for Winshape’s future well, “We are excited to partner with them as they continue to pioneer what ministry can look like in a digital context.”

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