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Reflect with us on the universal phase of life that helps define how we go on to see and interact with the world around us. Amidst regrettable fashion choices, school drama, and late homework, middle and high school students are discovering who they are as individuals. This is a future-defining period in the lives of young people everywhere.

Youth For Christ (YFC) has come to understand this truth well. Since 1944, YFC has worked to provide mentors to speak into these moments. They have chosen to bring light into the stories of young people’s lives by being a source of hope.

They’re good at it, too. Thousands of broken young people are engaged every week through the over 140 local chapters in the U.S. and even more abroad in over 100 countries. We have been humbled to play a role in this life-defining work over for the better half of a decade. Our involvement began in early 2013 when YFC approached us about redefining their brand identity in a way that could unify the wide array of chapters and regions.

In this process, our teams collaborated to identify that the stories of affected youth stand at the center of what YFC strives for. Inspiration for our logo became clear - the “3 Story” way of life. This is the YFC strategy which encourages teens and leaders to see how their relationships fit within multiple different narratives: my story, their story, and God’s story. In reflecting on this perspective, Whiteboard developed the current 3-rings logo which defined a creative vision to propel the storied history of YFC forward.

In 2021, the national team had the ask for us to breathe new life into their digital identity. We took this opportunity to craft a unique responsive website that highlighted the story of young people everywhere. This current iteration of the YFC national site played on the fun aspects of working with youth while communicating the effective history of the organization.

However, this refresh did not end with the national site. They were also eager to develop a web solution that could serve all of their chapters well. With this prompt, we crafted a scalable template that could be used to create satellite websites to unify all 140 chapters under the visual identity of the national branch. Launching at the 2021 National Leadership Conference, we have had the opportunity to come alongside leaders from all over the US, each with specific needs and visions for their chapter’s digital experience.

Youth For Christ is still hard at work in sharing the stories of young people and we are committed to seeing the continuation of that mission in the digital realm.


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